Letter from the President

Juan Fernández-Armesto

President of the Spanish Club of Arbitration


Dear members,

I send you this letter on my behalf, as new President of the Spanish Club of Arbitration and on behalf of Carlos de los Santos, Vice-president, who I thank his commitment for sharing with me the tasks of managing the Club in this new era.

As you may know, the General Assembly of the Spanish Club of Arbitration renewed the Board of Directors on March 24th, 2017.

The new Board of Directors, had chosen among its members the following: Seguimundo Navarro as Secretay General; Miguel Ángel Fernández-Ballesteros, Julio González-Soria, Carlos de los Santos, María José Menéndez and Alfonso Iglesia as Vicepresidents; Juan Hernández-Canut as Treasurer and myself as President.

Within the Board we have also made a provisional attribution of functions, open to new incorporations:

  • José Antonio Caínzos will continue incharge of the relations with the International Chapters, jointly with José María Alonso y Alfonso Iglesia;

  • Luis Felipe Castresana will continue as responsible of the Members Admission Committee;

  • Julio González Soria will continue in charge of the organization of the Annual Conference, and Urquiola de Palacio also join;

  • The publication of the Spanish Arbitration Review Magazine will continue as a share responsibility of Miguel Ángel Fernández-Ballesteros, Pilar Perales and Elena Gutiérrez;

  • The relations with the Ministry of Justice are going to be canalize through Carlos González-Bueno, Cristina Coto and Mercedes Tarrazón, who also will maintain the mediation promotion;

  • Miguel Ángel Fernández-Ballesteros, Jesús Almoguera and Rafael Mateu are going to be in charge of the Justice Observatory; and

  • Elena Otero-Novas, Carmen Núñez-Lagos and Santiago Martínez-Lage are going to take in charge the promotion of the Club among the young practitioners from the companies legal departments.

Regardless of the above, Seguimundo will be in charge of coordinating the Club activities, in general, and the commissions in particular.

The Spanish Club of Arbitration is today a great association – with more than 950 members from 41 countries and 29 International Chapters –, dedicated to the promotion of arbitration and, specially, to the development of arbitrations in Spanish and Portuguese language, or with an Ibero American component. The Club is, also, a space where talent is growing because almost half of our members are below 40.

The success of the Club is mostly granted to the labor of my predecessors Jose Antonio Caínzos, David Arias, José María Alonso, Antonio Hierro y Jesús Remón, and all the people that have form part of the Board of Directors in the past, all to whom we are really thankful. It is also due especially to the enthusiasm of the members: the Club, at the end, is a conjunction of the effort of all of you.  

The new Board assumes with optimism the challenge of continuing that excellent work done in the past. The CEA, has to be the principal Hispanic-Portuguese voice in the arbitral world, and for that, the Club shall impulse the labor of promotion and development of arbitral procedures, and consolidate as a place of forming and meeting for the partners.

One of the first changes that you will notice is the relevance that we pretend to give to the figure of the Secretary General, position that have being taking by Seguimundo Navarro, who will perform that functions of Secretariat and will be in charge of coordinating the operation of the Club, its Commissions and its administrative resources.  of the Club

The new Board of Directors has numerous plans and ideas to develop even more the Club. In general terms, we want to impulse even more the opening and expansion of CEA globally, consolidating the CEA relations with the academic, judiciary, and national and international arbitral courts.   

Also, we will pay attention to two fundamental groups. On one side, to the in-house attorneys, those are the representatives of the final users of arbitration. On the other hand, those who represent almost half of our members, the young practitioners, grouped around the CEA -40. In both cases, training and promotion will be essentials to guarantee the future of the institutions, so our magazine Spain Arbitration Review, and the activities – conferences, events, videoconferences -, will receive our full attention.

Before launching our proposals, we will like to hear you all. The Club is open to all the proposals and to the collaboration of all the members. If something characterized the CEA, is that it excludes no one: we welcome young people and experts, women and men, attorneys, experts or arbitrators, regardless of whether they work in larger or smaller offices, in Madrid, Barcelona, Spain or any other country in the world. The only thing we ask for is interest in arbitration and working spirit. Everyone who brings them has the doors open.

For that reason I encourage you that if you have a proposal, whatever it is, do not hesítate to contact any of the persons in charge of the Commissions, with Seguimundo Navarro, with Carlos de los Santos and/or with me. Now that the new team has just landed, it is when more energy has to undertake new projects.

Finally, I trust in your participation in the CEA International Conference that will take place in June in Madrid and will have, as always, the assistance of great figures of international arbitration. I hope to greet you all there and thank you in person for your confidence.

 Kind regards,


Juan Fernández-Armesto