About CEA -40

Constituted in 2006, CEA -40 is a group of young practitioners who assemble those members of the Club Español del Arbitraje (CEA) aged 40 or less. Its more than 400 members (almost half the members of the CEA, who has more than 900 members in 42 countries and 30 International Chapters) are professionals and users of arbitration in Spanish and Portuguese. The aim of CEA -40, as is that of the CEA, is to promote international arbitration in Spanish and Portuguese or with a Latin American component. The group takes part in the co-chairs circle, an informal exchange platform for -40 arbitration groups.    

CEA -40 is one of the most active arbitration groups in Europe and regularly organises meetings, seminars, round tables and sessions held with prestigious speakers from the arbitration world. It is a forum where all those interested in arbitration, aged 40 or less, can register and debate about arbitration and exchange experiences and trends in Iberian and international arbitration in an informal fashion. CEA -40 holds an annual International Meeting in the month of June, prior to the CEA International Congress. The next Meeting, the XI , will be held on 18 June 2017.

  • Coordination

    The coordination of CEA -40 is made up of seven members, chosen among its members, for a two-year term. See coordinators here>
  • Reduced Fee

    The members of CEA -40 have a reduced fee with regard to CEA members, varying whether they reside within Spain or not Register >
  • Publish

    Members of CEA -40 can publish articles in the CEA -40 section of the Spain Arbitration Review. See Review>
  • Members

    You can look up the members of CEA -40 (by country of residence, nationality, language, etc.) on the Members page. Look up CEA-40 members >